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Buddy’s Home Furnishings is the third largest Rent-To-Own (“RTO”) furniture, appliance, electronic and computer provider in the United States and the industry’s largest franchisor. Buddy’s was founded in 1961 in Tampa, Florida. Since being acquired by NewCo in 2013 and developing the industry’s most advanced franchise model, Buddy’s has tripled in size to approximately 300 locations.

Industry overview

The Rent-To-Own industry serves millions of consumers per year. Products offered include furniture, home electronics, appliances, computers, mobile devices, and jewelry. More non- traditional products such as purses, video games, sporting equipment and tires are also being offered on a RTO basis.

The primary competitors to RTO industry are traditional retail stores and internet marketplaces. The RTO market differentiates itself from these competitors in a number of ways that are particularly important to the industry’s target customers.

Business model

Flexibility is a key attribute of the RTO business model, enabling an agreement to be tailored to a customer’s particular financial situation. The availability of weekly and monthly leases provides some differentiation among industry players.

Most customers interested in owning a product will exercise one of the many early purchase options that are provided by RTO operators. Standard industry promotions include “same as cash” offers and early payment option (EPO) discounts.

Typically the RTO provider will offer a same as cash promotion in which the customer has the specified time period to pay the retail price. Early payment option discounts are also offered to reduce the cost of owning a product. After expiration of the same as cash period, the customer can exercise the EPO and take ownership of the product. The EPO enables the customer to purchase the product for a discount to their remaining renewal payments.


Join the Fastest Growing Rent to Own Company in America

Exclusive Territories Available You control the marketplace.

Multi-Unit Development Opportunities The opportunity to secure a multi-unit development territory for your Buddy’s Home Furnishings stores will allow you to benefits from economies of scale.

Recession Resistant Based on Industry research, since 2008 the industry is growing annually 2-3 times faster than it had leading up to the most recent down turn in the US economy!

In Business for over 50 years! Although we may be a new name to franchising we are veterans of the industry.  Buddy’s Home Furnishings has been in business since 1961 and although the times have changed our core business principles and philosophies remain the same.

Cash Flow Business with Tremendous ROI Potential Because we are in the leasing business the benefits of depreciation are very attractive, and the typical store payback period is 3 years!

Buddy’s Franchising Contacts
Mike Zagar
Director of Franchise Operations
813-321-0416 (O)
Teresa Hill
Vice President Operational Support
813-867-3638 (O)
866-636-1916 (F)
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