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Buddy’s Franchising Benefits
Why should I consider a franchise?
Over 67% of independent start-up businesses fail within the first three years, with 38% failing in the first year alone.  However, over 90% of franchises remain in business after 5 years. 
What drives the success of Buddy's franchising?
From site selection to purchasing and back office services, the Buddy’s System is designed to maximize your ROI while allowing local flexibility.
What are the financial qualifications for a Buddy's Franchise?
You will need to have $500,000 net worth with at least $200,000 working capital.
What is the typical square footage for a Buddy's store?
Our prototypical store is about 6,000 square feet.  But, we are flexible and will consider any optimal store location between 4,000 10,000 square feet. We locate our stores in both stand-alone buildings or in strip centers near major shopping hubs in small, medium and large population markets.
Will I have a protected territory?
Yes.  Protected territories are based on population density and depending on whether you are in an urban or a rural market will dictate how large your protected territory will be.

What type of merchandise does Buddy's carry?
Buddy’s has relationships with all major furniture, appliance, computer and electronics vendors.
Do I have to work full time in the store?
Your choice. Buddy’s provides training in store operations that are typically handled by a General Manager.